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Repeated Entries in sc_log

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  • Repeated Entries in sc_log

    I built a transactional inventory system with SC. I noticed sometimes it gives wrong results in terms of stock positions and it appears random for now. In troubleshooting I've looked through the log files (I use the SC provided log facility) and strangely in some instances it logs an INSERT activity 2 times, some DELETE actions 6 times (evidenced by same key id field, timestamp and other record entries being same, see screenshot)

    This is very disturbing as it questions how reliable SC is for mission critical business apps. This discovery might not be the cause but it could be indicative of that SC could also subtract an item from a stock position more times than it should and then report something wrong.

    I would like to know if anyone has experienced this type of repetition by the app and if there is something I'm doing wrong.
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    This is a hard question to answer as I don't know how your application is designed. In general I have never found issues like these in our applications which has a potential load of thousands of users, although not all at the same time ;-) We use the log as an audit trail and so far things work well.
    Having more inserts with the same key looks odd, same goes for deletion of the same key.
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      Thanks Albert: I'm not sure I've come across anything stranger.

      I'm thinking of doing a new log app, and on the form, deleting the old log app to add the new. If I regenerate just the app and deploy, would that be sufficient or do I need to redeploy the whole _lib folder for it to take effect?


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        In all the years of SC's existence, surely I can't be the only one who has experienced multiple log entries in the log app? I've installed SC afresh and imported my app. I've created a fresh log scheme and used it, still I get double entries and multiple entries for certain form apps. How can this be?