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Master / Detail Form with no Master record possible?

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  • Master / Detail Form with no Master record possible?

    I have a form that is pointed to an empty table, Im calling it my "Staging Table". This empty table is a duplicate in structure to a live table that has data in it.
    I have Detail Grids in the "Master/Detail" section of Scriptcase that use a variable I pass to this form in order to display the current data for the matching record from the live table.
    Scriptcase will not load the Detail grids unless a record exists in the staging table for that RecNum.

    Is there a way to get scriptcase to load the details even though there is no record in the staging table yet?

    Example table structure. First row is the Field Names.

    RecNbr Size Color
    1 L Red
    2 S
    RecNbr Size Color UserID
    I am using this to create a database where users can make suggestions as to what a fields value should be..... so the user could click on RecNbr 1 and see the values that are live but enter their own values into the STAGING table. Where I will record the values and their user ID for reference.

    I don't want to resort to creating a bunch of Empty rows in the STAGING table.... is there another way?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    I still have this issue..... my attempts at resolving it have not proven successful yet.
    I could hack a solution by making sure my "Staging Table" had empty records in it for each RecNum.... but I would rather not do that if there's another option.

    I thought perhaps I could create an empty form based on the live table and then use the Master/Detail links to to include the Staging Table Form... which works ok but its all in an iframe then and there are too many scroll bars.

    I will update this post as I find other solutions. *hopefully*


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      Scriptcase will not show a grid with headers and no data. Afaik the grid object that they are using does not support that.
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        You are correct sir!
        I ended up restructuring my form so its actually a grid with detail grids in IFRAMEs and one detail form that allows data entry.
        Seems to be working well for now.