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Renaming table and form/grid

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  • Renaming table and form/grid

    Hello to all

    I appeal mainly to Netmake, but if some kind soul has the same my problem/fault maybe answer me before!

    I created a table: 'table1'
    I created a form: 'form_table1' obviously assigning the table 'table1'
    I had to rename 'table1' in 'new_table1'.
    Rename 'form_table1' in 'form_new_table1'
    In 'form_new_table1', the table 'new_table1' check.
    All right.
    Check translations in 3 languages.
    I go in the data dictionary, and I sync everything, but 'Synchronize applications' does not recognize 'form_new_table1' (No applications found!)
    Since I 'had' to rename different and diverse forms and grids for better organization of the tables in the database I am in extreme difficulty properly assign tightens {lang_new_table1_fld_xxx_id} for all of the tables covered fields with changed name!
    There is a way to get around it?
    Thank you