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Problem sorting order using custom created field on grid application.

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  • Problem sorting order using custom created field on grid application.


    On the grid application sorting can not be ordered by Custom created fields. I have a grid application using a join table and some of the field on the application are custom created. When I apply sorting rules on these fields it doesn't work.

    Can anyone help me?

    Thank you

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    I have the same situation. Any feedback greatly appreciated.


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      This is a most basic of valuable assets rather than having to manipulate the SQL with Joins and Order By. Scriptcase is supposed to be a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool. Can we not have more emphasis on "Rapid"?


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        kholliday appreciate your opinion. Scriptcase RAD meets all basic CRUD developement, But that is not sufficient to deliver a complete product in thesedays web application market so someone has to twick it somewhere. If you have any solution to our problem we will certainly appreciate your help. THANKS


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          Dear All
          I have same issue . But I had no choice to move on, even if my solution it looks Stupid, :-) , I decided to create blank column in database table and fill this blank column every time my grid application loads, so I can apply any sort of search in that Column. I know it is not efficient and so many disadvantages also, but I can't afford to delay in my project, I hope ScritpCase can find proper solution for this.


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            Hi reza117 , Just to solved the problem I have created the views on the database and create the grid application using the views which reduces the overhead in the database and all the custome field can be virtual or calculative column on the views. I have solved my problem that way. If scriptcase could listen to us and improve on it, they would have penetrate the market in US and Europe, scriptcase support and flexibility is all depends on the developer. IT does the CRUD function very well but now days this is not enough. I am glad you come with an alternative solution.

            another method is to create a virtual column on the sql statement in the grid, that allows you to put the field in sorting tools.