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Specify all absolute pathnames in Advanced Deployment

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  • Specify all absolute pathnames in Advanced Deployment

    Is there a way for all absolute paths to be specified in advanced deployment instead of the (imo) awkward mix of absolute and relative pathnames?

    Here is the current issue:
    An application that works properly in one Apache virtual host complains that it can't find the prod runtime in another virtual host.
    In both cases, the prod runtime is a subdirectory of the virtual host document root. Their document directories are different.

    NB: These are virtual hosts on one physical server (un virtualized) on the same instance of Apache.
    Curiously if I try to access the production environment application (eg to configure a datasource) it works perfectly in all virtual hosts.

    The setup is necessary to limit what a client previewing or reviewing has access to while a developer (internal or external) has full access.

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    ... alternately, can those pathnames that are set in Advanced Deployment be set at runtime?