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Menu application with link to external app

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  • Menu application with link to external app

    I have a menu application in Project 1 referring to several apps in Project1
    How can I add an option to this menu application referring to an external application in Projet2 ?

    I know I can just copy the external app from Project2 to Project1 and then acces this app form the menu, but I don't want to have two copies of the same app in different projects for maintance reasons.

    Thanks for your help.
    Massimiliano Campagnoli

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    You can simply create a blank app with a redirect to your project 2 url
    Hope that helps



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      Thanks. It works perfecting.
      Massimiliano Campagnoli


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        I've used the method above before and it works well.
        • From the Project 1 menu I call a control app which sc_redir() to the Project 2 app.
        • The Project 2 app is a control app (like a listener) which then processes the P2 links.

        However, I now want to pass a parameter to project 2 from project 1 and am struggling to make it work
        1. I don't want to pass the parameter in the URL as it has some 'slightly' sensitive information in it (this works, but even encrypted is not really safe)
        2. I've fiddled with Session and Global variables, but can't get them to work (I suspect that the Project 2 app is doing something to them or is recognising a separate session (P1 is v8.1Project and P2 is v9 project))
        3. I'm reluctant to use a database field as I'm not sure how I could ensure the right record (For the right session) is read by the project 2 app. (In a multi user/multi session scenario)
        I'm hoping I've just missed something...

        Any ideas/suggestions?