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Scriptcase and Wampserver

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  • Scriptcase and Wampserver

    I installed Scriptcase first. It works OK.

    I later installed Wampserver.

    To get Wampserver to work ( i.e. show green for OK), I have to disable the 'MySQL56' service, which is used by Scriptcase.

    When I go to phpMyAdmin in Wampserver, it must be using a different MySQL system, because any changes I make to databases and tables do not show up in Scriptcase.

    Also, to get Scriptcase to work, I have to Exit Wampserver and restart the 'MySQL56' service.

    How can I get Wampserver and Scriptcase to work together? (So MySQL changes via phpMyAdmin show up in Scriptcase).

    Any suggestions?

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    Scriptcase don't install any MySQL service. Just his own apache on a different standadrd port.
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      Install Wamp with MySQL. Then install scriptcase which includes apache and php and as Giu writes it uses another port then your WAMP apache. Then develop your application(s) until they need to be deployed. You can do that locally to your WAMP www directory. There you can test your application outside Scriptcase. Then you can deploy it to your production server. It's not the only way, but it's the way we do it and works well.
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        Thanks for your replies, useful.

        I had installed MySQL before installing Scriptcase.
        Scriptcase is using that MySQL, and is storing its data is here: C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\data

        I installed Wamp to be able to use PHPMyAdmin. When I run it, it uses a different MySQL service and data is stored here: C:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.7.11\data

        I prefer not to re-install Scriptcase unless I have to.

        So I am wondering if I can use PHPMyAdmin to open the Scriptcase data?

        Otherwise I will continue to export data from PHPMyAdmin to a .sql file and run that on my Scriptcase data to recreate the database and tables.


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          As Albert and Giu mention, ScriptCase does not install MySQL. In fact, you could install ScriptCase and run it without having MySQL at your computer at all.

          ScriptCase can use a number of different different databases which you define as connections in your project. The database connections can be to MySQL on your own computer, or e.g. an Oracle or SQL Server database on another computer. The most bare ScriptCase project could even use a SQLite server less database on your own computer.

          As you have installed the MySQL server on your computer, you can of course use that as a connection in your ScriptCase projects. You can also run phpMyAdmin against the same MySQL server. If you experience that changes in your MySQL database does not seem the same in either a ScriptCase project and/or phpMyAdmin, one of them could be connected against another MySQL server, possibly one on another computer unless you have installed MySQL twice on your own computer (not likely and I do not know if one can even do that). Double check the connection parameters for the database connection in both ScriptCase and the phpMyAdmin that you are running, because both can connect locally to databases on your computer as well as remotely to database servers on other computers via a local network or even the Internet.

          I have sometimes experienced that applications/projects/database connections have to be reopened in ScriptCase for the database connection to reflect changes made in the MySQL database while a project/application is open in ScriptCase. This could be another reason for the issue that you are experiencing.
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