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Auto Insert in Master's Details Form , Setfocus Option and use Enter Key fof click

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  • Auto Insert in Master's Details Form , Setfocus Option and use Enter Key fof click

    Hello Everyone

    I am new in SC, i have created a small project and want some help from anyone who can guide me.

    1. I have created a master detail form, in this form i am using one master table and three detail tables, but when i added new record in master form other three forms disappear from the screen (refer image1.jpg). But when i add this in main form then it shows rest three forms (image2.jpg). and i can enter record step by step,. everything is working fine (image3.jpg). MY concern is i want to i add a new record in main form then all the other three must be active in insert mode and after completing the everything (all 4 forms) then if i want to save then press save button other wise i can cancel the record (4 forms). in my case every time i am saving master record and then filling up the detail one by one.

    2. Is there any option to Setfocus for particular button (Add/Save) and without clicking the mouse button i should be able to press enter key to add/save the record or any key board key combination. i.e. Alt+A = Add Record , Alt+S = Save

    3. i want to complete my whole entry without using the mouse only by using keyboard keys or key combination.


    Image1.JPG Image2.JPG Image3.JPG

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    My guess is that you may not have the right join and condition to make it work the right way. Most times the join is inner join and the condition is where seller.user_id = buy.seller_id so it will generate fine. Hope you got the right information in your table to get the joins and conditions working correctly.

    Another gimmick i used was to do, i make the seller_id a lookup item and i stipulate the seller name details as the field content during data entry in the buyers table.

    Hope this helps.


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      2. When you use shortcuts like CTRL + S, it save your webpage to your system and it's not applicable within your applications. That is the standard in web application.


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        I think you need work with javacript for your need. and you must use function keys in javascript for shortcuts.


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          Thanks tosyno

          I am using right condition for all tables with primary key because my master detail form is working properly when i am using a mouse + keyboard step by step , secondly i don't want to use CTRL+S i want to use ALT+S or ALT+ any key. combinations.

          Thanks alvagar I don't have enough idea about javascript. i just want that without using the mouse i can complete the master form and three detail form by using only keyboard Enter Key or Key combination.

          Any idea how to define Access Keys in Toolbar Button option ?



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            I think you need to create records in memory and then save them. For that is necessary you work with Javacript.
            If you work with SC using forms php , you will need save changes for every record.


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              Hello alvagar for above issue i am using temporary tables to accept data and create a new save button when user click on this button then data transfer to final tables(database).
              like a memory. If user cancel the entry then nothing will be saved and temporary tables will be blank. But i don't understand how to change the table name dynamically, is it possible in SC or Not ?

              Please guide me how to change table name dynamically in a form if it is possible (same table structure )?

              Any body know the process when i out(OnBlur) from my last field in a form then i want the cursor focus to a particular (Save) Button and click it automatically?.


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                You donīt need create temporary tables for that. You Just need use javascript or Pure php maybe using arrays and programming. before i did a theread for that, but ...


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                  I understood the logic but i can't understand how to use that, if you have any code or details document please share with me that would be grate help. i have one master table and four details tables