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please, don't contact directly for free support

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  • please, don't contact directly for free support


    I really appreciate your trust on us asking for support, but the best way is to write on forums, not private.

    This forums are community driven, and is full of great professionals that can help you for free. I access the forums and answer when I have time to do it, for this reason, sometimes my answers are not very extensive, because don't have time to give a more elaborated answer. As you may noticed, I'm missing from forums some weeks because we are moving our headquarters and others personal things.

    What all of this means, is I'm glad to answer you n a post when I have time to do it, but if you contact directly, is worst because:
    - others forum members can't see your doubt, and cant help you.
    - you will not get an answer from me because, as you know, I run a company with professional services around Scriptcase, and is not fair I answer you directly for free when others forum members (and not forum members) pay me for this service.

    Then, if you are looking for free support, post on forums. Me, and/or others forum members are glad to answer you when possible, is the best bet. If you are ready to invest, you are on a hurry, or need more privacy, then you can contact by private or through our website.

    I hope you understand it.


    Sorry for mistakes. This was written from mobile
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    That makes two of us. I stopped responding to private messages except for business inquiry. Same goes for email to our private mails.
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