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    I have a form that is 'Editable Grid'.

    1) I would like to manage the number of entries being processed. (ie: restrict the list of items to 5)
    2) When adding through the interface (hitting the 'CHECK', it adds the record and opens another line... I would like the Grid to stop offering to add additional items (ie: go out of insert mode and disable additions unless the user deletes an item.... basically allowing ONLY up to 5 records.

    Can you give me some direction here? (I am a newbie!)

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    Afaik there's a property where you can set the size of the number of items on the form. If you just need to limit the result you can add a 'limit <count>' to your select statement.

    In general I don't think you can achieve this with this type of form. I would create a grid and a (modal) link to a form to add the record. Then you can also do a select count to prevent adding more than 5.
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      If I understand you properly, the only way to control this would be to have the modal pop-up of adding a line in the grid. What I am trying to do is mimic (replace) an application I have (in another environment) where the person can enter up to 5 entries for an event (there would actually be multiple events)... Even though the events would get created into a DB without physical limits, they are only allowed 5 entries/event/meet. Having a modal popup may be clumsy. I would have a tab interface for 12 events and each tab would allow 5 entries (name/time)...

      What about hiding/disable of the Button and stopping the process where the Form automatically produces another line when the 'Check' is clicked??
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