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MS SQL Server Connection error. SC-8

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  • MS SQL Server Connection error. SC-8

    I'm having trouble with a MS SQL Server connection. When I create the connection it says "Connection Success" then I go to create new application -> Grid. I chose the connection "conn_mssql" then I chose the table "dbo.items_C1" which is correct and a good select statement show up in the window the name looks ok "grid_dbo_items_C1" Localization say English. But when I click on create I get this message.
    "Analyzing SQL Statement Select...Erro no acesso ao banco de dados." Which means unable to connect to database. I can also click on the SQL Builder wizard on the create grid page and run it and it works fine.

    I can also do this in a blank application and it finds records.
    * Check for an existing record

    // SQL statement parameters
    $check_table = 'dbo.items_C1'; // Table name
    $check_where = "id >= '0'"; //'condition'"; // Where clause

    // Check for record
    $check_sql = 'SELECT *'
    . ' FROM ' . $check_table
    . ' WHERE ' . $check_where;
    sc_select(dataset, $check_sql);

    if (false == {dataset})
    // Error while accessing database
    echo "Error";
    elseif ({dataset}->EOF)
    // No record found
    echo "No record found";
    // Record found
    echo "Record found";

    I'm not understanding why I can't create a grid based on my "conn_mssql". I also get the exact same error in SC-7.

    If any one has an ideas please let me know.


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    I get this same error, has this been resolved?


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      Please show your table definition ...
      Best regards: - Reinhard -

      I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)


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        There are some problems with MSSql if table columns are named with reserved words and the DB don't use "" as expected. Knowing the table definition helps.
        Giorgio Bravi
        Dolphin Software & Thinkware