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  • Conversion Frustrations

    I'm on Linux. My SC7.1 sits on a HP-Proliant microserver. For the time being SC8 is on my Ubuntu 14.04 notebook.

    So I need to convert an SC7.1 project to SC8. Nice to see there's a tool in the IDE to do that. If I can work it out, that is.

    It asks me to provide the path to SC7, which is mounted in my home directory:
    I click NEXT and specify a different server for the conversion, i.e. my localhost. NEXT

    Now, it is unclear what is expected here. If you ask me what is the server, it's Or is it Or maybe it's or or??? you get the idea. I have tried all manner of permutations and everything gives a fatal error of one sort or another.

    Note to SC devs; any chance on getting some clarity on what is expected, because I still haven't gotten over the work we lost when moving from SC5 to SC7.

    PS: The other frustration is that when the conversion fails, there is no "back" option to try again. After a warning that the page cannot be reloaded, the user has to go back to the SC login page. It's just plain annoying.

    Yours with love
    The GuiGuy
    ... from Down Under

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    Choose same server, I'm not sure,but i think another server is to specify a remote database, for example, if you have SC database on mysql. If you have direct path to scriptcase folder you can specify same server

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      It's not looking for a web address so drop the http - its looking for a UNC of the folder your SC7 lives on so it can find the projects etc. Also - drop the port number - again not a web address - so something like:

      {host / server name or ip}/home/user_me/proliant_www/scriptcase7/wwwroot/scriptcase/

      That said, don't know if it likes using an IP address at all - so may have to map it as a folder / drive / smb first