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difference between start new SC8 app and copying from old existed app

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  • difference between start new SC8 app and copying from old existed app

    hi guys, if you noticed, when you first create an application, and your version is e.g. 8.001 then in Application > it will show you SC8.001

    if this is copied to a new one, it will stay SC8.001 even if you have already upgraded to your SC8 to say sc8.003...etc

    if you create brand new application using 8.003 then it will show you in Application > SC8.003

    that make sense, but do you think the old applications created will not have the new updates or the bug fixes that came with the later sub-versions?

    - if no, it will have, then whey it is sill showing that it was created specifically by sc.001!? and why bug fixes are not fixed in the older app that created before?
    - if yes, and each time a sub-version is released, we update then create brand new applications in order to have the bug-fixes or the new features, then i guess this is a new dilemma!

    i'm writing this topic because i stopped using the sc8 after many failure tests and bugs around sc 8.008 but later on, when support guys advised me to create brand new application after updating to sc8.0012 it works!!! if this is true, and each time we update the sc version we have to create new application from scratch to test it,, then we each time need to spend 1-2 hours testing just to find if bug was fixed or new bugs appeared, then create all applications again from the start!?!?

    old apps should work ok if their bugs were fixed in the installed version, right!?!?

    what you think?

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    In fact if updates are applied you need to regenerate all code and then test. It should not be the case that it would not work and you have to start a new application.
    Albert Drent
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      Yes I understand Albert, that is correct and makes sense, but look at your applications in Applications > see first line it tells you in which version was started... even if you copy while using later sc version, it will show you the old sc version that used to create the first app, makes it doesn't work again if there is an issue...

      but, add to that for example, this serious error was't fixed at all with all the following sc updates using re-create code method and trying many many tests... finally, when created new applications, all same exact settings, it worked!!!!

      once earlier same thing was happening to other application that worked on desktop but wasn't working on mobile (buttons do not apply correctly), again, if created new app from scratch there was no problem at that point...

      so basically even if the bugs are fixed, we MAY not notice unless creating new application from scratch, for me not yet using v8 as stable version, although i would love to, because it looks yummy but has "issues" - no time for stress and breaks



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        As Albert stated you have to regenerate your app to "apply" any updates on your new application.



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          hi bartho, yes I already answered this and gave example of what happens, you can check with Ronyan Alves in your support team and he will confirm it as he was with me online when tried all steps one by one then things were not fixed until created brand new application, same settings.