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Project won't Run in my Website

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  • Project won't Run in my Website


    i'm new to Scriptcase.

    When I run my forms inside Scriptcase everything is perfect. Of course I've tested OK within Scriptcase connecting to my Database using PDO.

    However after extracting my ZIP file in my website and running the index.php file I get an "ERROR Close Database access No database selected View SQL" error message. Again, I'm able to get into my database using PHPMyadmin on my server and had no problems either inside Scriptcase. All Scriptcases's deployment messages showed OK.

    Question 1: Should've I created a Data Dictionary inside Scriptcase before I deployed?

    Question 2: Which file do I edit inside the resultant extraction of my Project's ZIP file to check the PDO connection code?

    Question 3: Failing the above, how do I get my project to work in my website so perfectly as it did inside Scriptcase?

    I thought this was an excellent product and had no problems using it over past week. As a result, I paid a lot of money for it and never expected this hassle. It is useless to me if I can't run the project from my web. Please somebody, help me if you can as I've tried lots of solutions without success.

    Regards, John

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    Php version in deployment machine?

    Has you entered to prod environment and configure database ?

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      To deploy the application is not very difficult. If things work in dev, it works in prod but there are some requirements.

      First you must create the database in prod. That is not done by Scriptcase. So if you have a mysql database you can go to the database builder and create a dump of your database. Then you create a database on your host and start phpMyAdmin. Load the generated sql file so that the database is there. Remember Ip (mostly localhost), database, dbuser and dbpws to access it.

      Deploy your application. The zipfile contains everything you need. Personally I deploy to a local wamp instance to test it outside of scriptcase before I deploy and then use filezilla to upload my individual files. You can use the zipfile, upload and unpack it.

      Next you need to set the database connection. If you have uploaded your application to root\myapp\ then you the url would be Useually it appears automatically,but if it doesn't this is the url.
      Then logon with scriptcase as password, change credentials and setup your database connection. The connection is maintained outside of your scriptcase deployment. That's good as user id's passwords etc, useually differ. IF saving fails then you need to set the rights on _lib to 777 and retry. In Windows server you need to give full access, I use plesk to do that. After setting up the connection you can restore access rights to 644 or read-only.

      Your done!
      Albert Drent
      aducom software netherlands
      scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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        PHP version 5.4.32

        When I created my new project in Scriptcase I had to test my PDO database connection and it worked, otherwise I could not have run my applications correctly inside Scriptcase. I just confirmed this by selecting Database>Edit Database connection from the menu. Is this what you mean by "configure database" or was there something else I should've done? Can I simply check this out by opening the required configuration or dbconnection php file in Control Panel file manager. Again, what is the name of such .php file that I can check the code for the correct PDO connection?


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          read my post and follow the steps. the connection created in dev is different that the connection in prod. In prod you need to redo this with an admin tool. If you use pdo you need to be sure that your php instance in production support the pdo-driver you are using.
          Albert Drent
          aducom software netherlands
          scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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            Hi Albert,

            The database I was using in production was the one I created in my host using phpMyAdmin. I’ve manually coded PDO in other php applications that I have and the connections worked in those applications.

            Zipfile uploaded and successfully extracted as per your instructions above.

            Changed _lib folder from 0755 to 0777 and saved it. It seems that the next step (database conection) is where it’s bogged down at. Typed as the url. This changed to and all i got was a “500 Internal Server Error”.

            Regards, John


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              Hi Albert,

              Re-extracted .ZIP. Went through your instructions slowly. Now the configure part works. It's all OK. Thanks everybody for helping.

              Regards, John


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                Originally posted by JohnMMM View Post
                Typed as the url. This changed to and all i got was a “500 Internal Server Error”.
                This changed on my server to and nothing is run. If i run manually then the login screen for "Production Environment" appears (in SC 7.1, 8.x).
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                Best regards: - Reinhard -

                I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)