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[SOLVED] _lib displayed a blank page

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  • [SOLVED] _lib displayed a blank page

    i plug my software in my site ( put no join with database ,, this is normal ,, i want enter to _lib it's not works ? it displayed a blank page ...
    i want solution pleas

    path _lib is :

    In addition: i installed old software no problem in ( )

    why no work /dar and _lib i don't know

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    First: did you did a full deploy including libraries? I would retry that to be sure. Best is to deploy locally on a wamp installation and check before you deploy. Next: be sure that the _lib has the full write rights while configuring like 777. After setup you can change this back to 644
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      This has nothing to do with rights ... If your Apache configured that index.html interpreted before index.php then it runs, otherwise not ... But you can manually run ../_lib/prod/lib/php/nm_ini_manager2.php
      Best regards: - Reinhard -

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        thanks aducom

        my problem solved by RHS ,, thanks for RHS ,, i don't know about install by manually use anther path
        thanks very much