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  • A wish for sc 8

    At the moment when I have a control window open and I want to perform some action (e.g. send a file somewhere, mail someone, perform some soap call) I would love to have a button with which
    I can do that.
    Now I know I can add a button that opens in the same window, new window, modal window but that is not helpfull.
    I want a button on my normal form that when I press it it executes some php code and simply returns. Once it returns I can read some variables it has set and I am happy to then set my form according to those variables.

    so basically I want a more advanced and simple button with it. So please add a 'no window' option or 'php code' or whatever so that I do not have to be pestered by an Ok button appearing.
    If this button could be placed as a top or bottom buttom, great. If it could be added as a field (so having a field that is a push button) that would also be great.
    Now that would be a super simple addition I think and I bet many people would be happy using it.

    Or is there already such a way without hacking a javascript button on my form?

    O yes it would be best to be able to do that without an sc_redir, just like many php framework can do. So just press button -> starts ajax that starts php function that returns from some value that I then use to change some fields. Quite basic ajax stuff.. I would like that standard build in.
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