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Make package by module(pages, informations and other)

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  • Make package by module(pages, informations and other)

    After developing with Scriptcase, I have the need to make sub-package of a module.

    There's no stand-alone module in a Scriptcase's development like Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla, and in fact the module concept is important to extend a system. If we can make the translations, web-pages, images, etc, all package into a single file like a zip file, and in the system configuration page we can easily unzip the package and upload all the files into a single sub-directory, that will be perfect for my system.

    And now, just the translation system of Scriptcase will refuse the module like Wordpress.

    Also, after almost 3 months development, I make some change based on Security, I will post a serial lately.

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    as far as I know, SC is not designed to have external modules added.