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grid to control then control to grid! (sc_exit?)

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  • grid to control then control to grid! (sc_exit?)

    hi guys,

    simply have a button in the grid, and wanna display a control application as modal when clicked, that is working fine

    in modal settings of the link, close after update does NOT work, so I used sc_exit(sel) and tried also sc_exit(ref) they both work and go back to previous grid application but that grid doesn't gets refreshed! I want to refresh it when go back from modal back to grid becuase one of the values of the grid will be changed in the control app, so when turnning back to grid it should show the new vlaue...

    hope it is clear as I'm soo confused today

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    Did you try a sc_redir so that your grid is refreshed ?


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      hi Gerd

      yes I tried but if used sc_redir in the control, it does show the target application inside the modal itself which is ugly and doesn't fit the control application.

      what I have is a small control that shows only 1 or 2 fields, I want to update certain values as a modal, then when click ok (updating the db value ok) then closes the modal and go back to grid with a small refresh to show that updated value

      I guess it has many solutions, but i just stopped thinking few days so far, any hint be appreciated.


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        lol Hi Mike Today I'm your personal assesor =P

        use the sc_redir but in target use _parent, remember that modal, simply means iframe =P.



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          it is my pleasure to see you around dude, I follow and read that you assessing everybody not only me

          will try that and let you know, but when going back to grid it will be refreshed with the new values?


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            okay used this from the manual sc_redir(application_x, "", "_parent");

            and it worked, thanks dude
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              This is exactly my problem - as per:


              And the solution WORKS! Been a huuuuuuge thorn - thanks so much kafe and Mike! I had tried everything - such a small change too!

              Better go update my thread with this solution! :-)


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                yes adz111 it worked with me actually from modal control goes back to grid as _parent and refreshing the grid as well... now stuck into horrible stuff which I'm trying my max first before posting them


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                  Good luck! :-)