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Upgrade process for Deployed applications at customer's premises

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  • Upgrade process for Deployed applications at customer's premises

    The current process of upgrading an existing customer's application is faulty.

    Each time we publish a new version or patch we have to setup the customers application from scratch.

    the entire apps,
    The connections
    custom libraries
    and etc.

    Ideally the deployed application should find out if it is a new install or an upgrade.
    The follow the upgrade process for the changes in apps and the db.

    This is a lot of work when we do this at remote customers premises or even on a shared hosting.

    Has anyone come up with a better solution for upgrading your customers site automatically?
    Is there a third party or script case tool to achieve the same?

    Would like you hear for you before i start re-inventing the wheel.


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    Actually I don't recognize this. We too deploy applications often in new releases but we never have to redo the connections etc. In fact, we just upload the changed applications and things work well. The only way you need to redo your connection is when you delete the full directory with files. Then the configfile is lost also. But if you just deploy over your current installation, even if you take _lib then there should be no need of setting up everything from scratch.

    If you talk about the development environment then just don't put your custom libs in _lib as they vanish after each and every scriptcase update.
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      My personal choice is to use ad "advanced" deploy mode, just to separate the "runtime sc folder" from my project. In this case connections are defined in the runtime folder and you don't need to update every time.
      Talking about the project's applications and custom libs deploy... why don't use rsync?
      Giorgio Bravi
      Dolphin Software & Thinkware