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Batch align left or right on a form application

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  • Batch align left or right on a form application

    I remember there's always align right of a field's label, and now they're aligning left. But I suggest there's a batch align setting function that I could set all the fields' label left or right.

    After all, set it one by one is too annoying.

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    you can set many things in the Project-Default Values


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      Yes, but you have to setup this part *before* creating screens?
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        Originally posted by aducom View Post
        Yes, but you have to setup this part *before* creating screens?
        Sure you're right Albert.


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          OK, I ignore this. Thank you all very much.


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            I'm saying in the FORM APPLICATION to set the alignment, and there's no setting in the FORM application in Project-Default Values, only in GRID application.

            So, this question is NOT solved.


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              Jerry (and everyone else),
              There is no way to set a default "align right" either in the project defaults or form designer. This really SUCKS!!!

              I started using SC a few years ago now and this is just one of the many issues/bugs/features I've addressed/requested/begged/prayed for/pondered.... OR seen others post about...

              BUT since NetMake/SC has NO WAY to identify if anything (bugs and/or features and/or requests) are being logged/acknowledged or otherwise considered.... here we go again....

              GREAT REQUEST FOR FEATURES but alias, know one at the Brazilian headquarters seem to care (OK all you "Moderators" I have no interest in hearing what you have to say in defense of this kind of CRAP business practices)

              IF you want to "right align" labels in the form view... you'll need to MANUALLY go to every field and MANUALLY set every label ALIGN RIGHT. Be very careful NOT to use the "Synchronize applications" in the data dictionary or it will blow-out all your formats back to the DEFAULT left align. Oh, BTW, the sync apps will also blow out all the "select" options in the Edit Fields -> dataType settings.

              Stu Buck USA