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  • mik89
    started a topic html editor new font

    html editor new font

    Hi to everybody!
    i would like to add a new font into the html editor of scriptcase. Can i do that?

    Thanks for your answers.

  • rr
    The editor used is codemirror. So you would need to find that css file. I found one at scriptcase/devel/lib/third/CodeMirror/codemirror.css
    but do not change it without make a FULL AND COMPLETE backup of your scriptcase directory. Because you can so easily screw things up seriously.

    And since it is a css you need to complete refresh your css files. So that would be CTRL+F5 and/or cleaing your complete browser cache in your browser.
    Last edited by rr; 05-19-2015, 05:11 AM.

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