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Error inserting: no such table: tb_sc_log

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  • Error inserting: no such table: tb_sc_log

    I added the security module to my application and every form now comes up with
    Error inserting: no such table: tb_sc_log.

    I have created the tb_sc_log table in the microsoft sql database. However, if I take the sql code from the error, it is invalid sql statement. The command sending a NULL to the ID field which isn't allowed since the ID field is auto generated from the database.

    Any suggestions on how I can fix this?
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    With the security module did you enable the logging module??? I have never used that module. If you didn't enabled the logging module, perhaps it activated somehow by itself. Try running the security module again. Maybe it's just a glitch.
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      Recreate the security module ....
      although i have come accross such erros, never with the log module.