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Is it possible to set up a "global" set of form fields for reuse?

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  • Is it possible to set up a "global" set of form fields for reuse?

    I am finishing up my trial of ScriptCase and have not seen this question asked in the Forums:

    I noticed it is possible to save Global custom functions.

    It made me wonder if there is a similar feature for Global fields to be created one time and used over and over?

    I have project after project using different databases but similar tables for collecting form information.

    After I have labored to create and save so many definitions and properties and labels and types, etc, for each field
    is it possible to set up Global form parameters that will be available for each different project one after the other?

    Male, Female, Title, Place of Employment, yada, yada, other fields required that have specialized lookup and dropdown values assigned, etc.

    It seems it should be included in ScriptCase, since you have thought of so many other labor saving steps, of a folder where common field definitions that I create can be opened and utilized in my next project with a completely different database.

    I am visualizing that they show up visually as a grab and mouse slide display where my "global" fields can be dragged and dropped into a new project form as long as the table fields match in my current form table.

    If everyone knows already that this is available in SC 8 then I apologize for my naivete but I have not seen it referred to, yet.

    Thanks so much!

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    Yes and no.

    For select/checkbox/radio... type fields yes. Manual lookup can be saved.

    For example, you can define on a manual lookup, Male, Female and save it as gender. The, on every field you can load this saved manual lookup.

    ..but..its basic. I mean, if you change this, it will not change automatically in all applications, and you will need to go to each app, and reload lookup definition. Is just a save time.

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