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After update OSX to El Capitan, i'm not able to view the page

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  • After update OSX to El Capitan, i'm not able to view the page

    After update my MAC OSX to El Capitan, i'm not able to view the page the safari show cannot connect to server.
    i'm facing the same problem as the previous thread
    But i'm not able to reply the thread that it showed i don't have permission to perform reply the thread.
    Thus, i create a new thread here.

    So my question is the new updated installer released? there are no any notice in the official website?

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    did you disable the system integrity profile?
    See here:


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      hi rr, I'm not yet disable the system integrity protection. I saw the previous thread from mkio that October 19 2015, ScriptCase will update ScriptCase V8.1 Installer for MacOS to fix installation problems on OS X El Capitan. So i'm waiting for the new installer, but i didn't see any notice from official website. Is there any different between the new installer and manual disable the SIP?


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        I wish I could tell you but I dont know. I know that disabling the SIP resolves more problems and that sc on my mountain lion (that is how long ago I had sc on my mac for testing) also needed to disable the gatekeeper for scriptcase. And that makes complete sense since apache which gets installed is not an apple signed application. So this issue still hasnt changed with any newer OSX version. As long as scriptcase isnt signed it will still need to be started by either fiddling in gatekeeper or disabling SIP (in el capitan).


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          i do not have recovery partition , i need a fix for this or other solution