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Error: No such table: sc_tbapl

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  • Error: No such table: sc_tbapl

    I installed scriptcase 8.1.032 today, using the build in installer, using a mysql db-server on a different machine.
    There was no error during installation.
    I created a project, using an existing, but empty database (I try to build a testproject with this database), but now, wen I try to create an application i. e. build a grid_application from an existing table, scriptcase gives me the following error an stops:
    Error: during access to the db, no such table: sc_tbapl
    Error in script: scriptcase\devel\class\interface\nmApplication.cla ss.php linha: 457
    Because I did not create this table, I think it's a system-table from scriptcase.
    Therefor I think, scriptcase didn't generate it's systemtables during installation.

    Is it possible to check that? Or can I do anything making this tables now?

    I'm absolutely new to scriptcase so sorry if I do anything wrong.


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    I think that sc_tbapl is a table from it's own repository. Scriptcase stores it's config in his own sqlite database. Could be that this one could not be written,then you have a permission issue. But that is hard to tell. You have setup a valid connection? In general you need to create a project first, apply a connection to a valid database and start from there. You can create tables with the build-in adminer (db designer) most of us use a separate tool for that imho.
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