Export to excel Nested Grid Error

Hi, SC has a bug. when i try export to excel a nested grid.
If parameter is set to NO. No export nothing.


I am waiting for a rexponse SC team.
I think that is a bug and must be fixed.

Dear @alvagar,

After carrying out tests, the problem was identified and immediately passed on so that the development team could correct it.

As soon as the problem is fixed, I will be reporting back through this post.

Thank you for your cooperation

Best Regards!

Hi, Thank you for for interest.

I just want to export to excel the MAIN Grid (Not NESTED Grid).
so if I set to NO parameter EXCEL (Section Nested Grid Settings) . When a user want export to excel, SC shows progress bar, But No export Nothing.

My nested grids do not working when i try export to excel.

Dear @alvagar,

The reported problem was corrected in version 9.9.003 of ScriptCase that was released today, as shown in the following link:

Thanks again for your collaboration.

Best Regards!

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