In a Master Detail form when is the parent id passed to the child record?

Hi All,

I am trying to capture the parent id number inside the detail application, but I am not sure how early in the events I can capture this information. I have tried all of them, but it seems that it is not available to me until on-validate.

For some weird reason, when I tried to set a global variable in the master application to record the master id number, it kept getting changed by the time it appeared in the detail application. I could find no reason for it to do that.



PS. is there any tools that will allow you to inspect the variable values at any given time?

You have to set the global variable in the detail application. Mark it as incoming.
Then recreate the link and SC will ask you which field/variable/value should be passed.
You have access to this variable in all events.


Why didn’t I think of that…:rolleyes:

Thx fiscal. This works well when you have only one “entity” opened at the same time.
If you have several, let’s say clients, opened at the same time, you’ll get lots of mix of IDs when inserting details. See my post about this issue. If you have an idea, that would be awsome :slight_smile: