Internal Server Error after update macos


After updating my Mac to MacOs 10.15.7 to 11.1, scriptcase doesn’t want to restart anymore. I have the following message:
Internal Server Error

I didn’t save my current project and I didn’t expect to lose everything.

If I try to reinstall scriptcase it tells me that a version is already installed, it will then install it in another directory and on another port.

Thank you for your help

The problem is related to your php version and configuration

It as probably nothing to do with scriptcase

Except that PHP and Apache are integrated into the scriptcase installer !!

Yes, you are right

What I mean is that it has nothing to do with Scriptcase the software

You didn’t loose your work, you have to check what is wrong with in your PHP config supply with Scriptcase

i had the same problem a couple of weeks ago. i installed sc several times (keeping my original safe) and then suddenly all worked again.

I reinstalled scriptcase, it works again, but I lost all my projects.
I kept my original folder, can I get my projects back somehow knowing they are in APP?

you can place a backup back or else you have to take a look in the app folder scriptcase stores the apps there

I can find my applications in my old Scriptcase / v9-php73 / wwwroot / scriptcase / app folder but when I copy them to the / Applications / Scriptcase / v9-php73 / wwwroot / scriptcase / app folder I can’t find my applications in scriptcase . I think there are files elsewhere!

You are probably missing the SQL Lite DB, it’s located at scriptcase/devel/conf/scriptcase/nm_scriptcase.db

I think you should copy the full directory