LDAP Authentication

I’m having issues with Ldap for authentication.

I have successfully used Ldap to connect to our Active Directory. However, I am now trying to connect to LDAP on our linux system, which is used for connecting to our ERP system.

After weeks of struggling I finally managed to get it to work in a VB.NET program. Character case is important - that is one lesson. Plus the DN was an issue. Nevertheless, finally got it to work. But, it will not authenticate using the standard LDAP Security in Scriptcase.

I have created a standalone PHP page and proved that I can authenticate using the LDAP settings I configured in the security system. But, there is one difference - the scriptcase security system wants a prefix (@xxxxx.xxx) but the php script I used does not need it. I’m sure this is the issue.

I must say, that I used the prefix for the Active Directory connection and it worked.

Any ideas? Or do I have to dump the standard scriptcase LDAP and override it with the code I used to test?


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