V7 : Upload don't work with Japanese file name !

This may be a “way out there” but in the development side, do you have Greek installed as a language? What about on the production server side? I had that happen with Hebrew letters and once I installed Hebrew as a language on the server, it stopped.

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I am not sure if i have installed the Greek Language.

The strange thing is that in Pleck inside the tmp folder sometimes the file named in Greek is correct but in Core FTP it is displaying like ?????.png
Can you tell me where to install the language just in case?
Thank you

It’s going to depend on the server. If windows, it is in the control panel → clock, language, and region-> region and language-> install or uninstall display languages. Or just look up display language in control panel since they have a tendency to change where things are in every release!

I’m not sure in other OS.