White blank screen in mobile device when alerts appears (sc_alert - sc_error_message)


I am using the latest version of scriptcase ( 9.7.012 ) and I am having a problem when using my application through a mobile device if a sc_error_message or a sc_alert appears.

In the computer the error message or a simple alert works fine when it appears, and by the time you click it, it goes away.

BUT, in the mobile device when an alert appears I get white blank screen and I have to do a manual refresh in order to be fixed ( which of course this is not the solution).

I have tried it many times and I think that this is a bug. Does anyone know when it will be solved ?
Thank you.

UPDATE: the support told me that I have to download the sc_version (9.7.014) and the bug is fixed…
I will do it in a few days and I will upload another UPDATE