9.4.028 Error 500 on lookup statements with session variable in where

I was just trying to build applications after installing version 9.4.028 and found a problem.
If in the lookup statement of a field there is a reference to a session variable the application goes into error 500 because it was generated badly … rollback to 9.4.27 waiting for Netmake to decide to adequately test the releases.
Sc 9.4.28 / Debian / SqlServer


dont have that problem… just create your grid or form and add the where statement after creation.

Hi Jamie
Thanks for reply
The problem is not present on grid/form population but only on field lookup if you use an alphanumeric session variable that require quote.

I.E. a field named {customer} that need to be decoded using a statement like SELECT name FROM tbl_customers WHERE company = ‘[GLO_COMPANY]’ AND customer_code = {customer}

In that case sc generate a wrong statement for the global variable and consequently the error 500. To discover you have to look at .apl generated.

Ticket opened 5 days ago and still waiting for reply from sc…