9.5 New Relaod button keeps loading for ever on Application Form

I tested the new “Reload” button of version 9.5.
Looks like it works well on simple applications.
But on complex applications like a Form with Pages that contains Blocks (defined as Tabs) which themselves contain other Form or Grid using the Mater/Details features, the “Reload” button on the Main Application keeps loading for ever and freezes the whole Application.
Is this a known bug ?
Thanks a lot.

Try setting the debug mode on. Sometimes it happened when sql error

Thx miguelk
I checked all my details and didn’t find anything …
I also duplicated my master Application, removed all details = reload works
I then added back all details one after another = relaod works
A the very end, when all my details were added back, I noticed that the reload freezes when I first open the application, sometimes 2-3 times and finally works …
My inital application has never worked …
My purpose was to refresh a global variable when I switch between clients, so I ended up adding an Ajax button and refresh my golbal here. Suprisingly it works …
Thanks anyway.

Good jefch ! it normally sometime happened