about mysql server used for sc? best practice to use?

hello guys, i am wondering regarding the mysql should we use with SC 7.1 for example

we will need mysql on localhost so if we install xampp or wamp it will isntall it for us, but we should use differnt ports for each apache that comes with wamp/xampp and the one from sc… thats confusing

also, i am sure scriptcase has its own isntalled mysql db engine, but no phpmyadmin or how to access it and use other than going to install wamp/xampp??

ok will tell you my problem, when installed sc for the first time, xampp was not installed, so i chosed the port of sc to be 80 in order to access it directly like http://localhost without putting 98 as port, so once done, needed to a mysql server so installed xampp but couldn’t run it becasue xampp need to launch its own apache which also runs on port 80 so i am stucked, no mysql is running of xampp because port 80 is reserved for sc and sc doens’t provide mysql db engine for unknown reason…

what is the best practice using mysql db engine on localhost along with sc? - yeah that is in short, please answer as per your experience?

First of all if you buy scriptcase then you only get the scriptcase development package. This does not contain any database. You need to install that by yourself. If you download scriptcase and install (windows) than you don’t have to bother about anything except the database. It will install all you need and works on port 97.

Then you need a database. You can get this by installing any wamp package. Just download and install and you end up with a standard webhosting where mysql listens to 3306 on localhost, apache on port 80 and php installed. this will give you a second webinstance which is an advantage if you like to test your application under production conditions but not yet published. if you don’t need that you can just download mysql from their website.

You develop and test your applications under scriptcase. I useually deploy my application on the same machine to the www directory of my wamp package. Then I test the same application on the same database in a non-scriptcase enviroment but semi production environment. If you need different databases then you can use different connections in test, acceptance and production.

thanks a lot dude for your reply

i was theoretically speaking that sc installs apache&php&mysql anyway so we might be able to use them :slight_smile: for sure sc needs a database to operate so it is installing its own stuff silently :slight_smile:

but you are right, having wamp/xampp on the same machine is extra advantage and explains the missing chain in my thoughts

again, appreciated bro