active directory only links users in "Users" default container

Scriptcase Link to active directory only links users in “Users” default container. How can I connect script case to LDAP with users in different organizational units (not “users”)?
Thanks Guys!! (I also posted this in control forum)
Dave that is for normal
Your ldap then normally looks something like this:
LDAP:// Accounts,OU=Corp Objects,DC=corp,DC=domain,DC=com
but you have to check that with your ldap admin, it may be that he used a different naming scheme.

hi rr

Did you use integration with LDAP yourself? can we really use something like SC security module with authentication from active directory for users for real? that is one of my dreams, especially if you don’t need the active directory admin approval :smiley:

I indeeed implemented ldap myself. The code is fairly basic (see my previous post) and fairly easy. All I do in the code is send the username and password via ldap for authentication. It is pretty basic stuff.
Based on the reply I can verify if they are a proper user, and if the password is correct. The rights of the users we handle in our scriptcase application tables with some simple customised code.

well, that is the tricky part, it may be simple for you as you went through all of it, but for me still dull and didn’t reach it yet.

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Anyway there should be an ldap server where accounts can be checked. So you would need to go to your systems administrator and have him give you the details on how users are being checked. If it is done via ldap then there is an ldap server somewhere, he should be able to give you the ip address. Then ask him how the ldap tree looks like for a user, he should be able to show that too. If that is done get the code I linked to before and fill in your ip adress and tree and make it work. You can use ldapeditor 3.0, softerra ldap browser or any other ldap tool to check with. Tho some admins will protect the ldap tree so that you can only view a one or a few records. Just enough to be able to login.
It is this thing: Accounts,OU=Corp Objects,DC=corp,DC=domain,DC=com that you have to get from your admin, next to the ip number.

hi rr, yes I have all that info, I will give it a try when have time and see what happens.

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