Add filter to Dashboard

new and reviewing SC9 (while listening SC videos).

For the dashboard, can a filter be added, so that the end user selects a company/account, and all the Widget data will be updated to show info based on that company/account?


you can do it via events, based on some parameters

I was just going to ask this same question myself and then in writing out my question I came up with the answer :slight_smile:

New Application->Control
1 field as Type: Select.
(this will be your listbox)
Link it to the dashboard.
***NOTE: Do not use LINK on the FIELD, use the Link that is further down, under Application.

The only question I have now is how do I have it so the Listbox is at the top of the Dashboard and not on a separate page?

I am on the latest version of SC.= and I am trying to do the same. I tried what you say but I am sure there are missing steps. Can you elaborate a bit more