Adding an Alert to a menu

How would one add an alert like what SC has done (with the Bell and Blackfriday). Also for that matter here in the Forum with “Messages”

so, what you wanna do is to display an icon whenever is a new action, is that it?. please be more especific, wide questions tend to be ignored


I have a table that manages alerts assigned each of my users. Thus when the user logs into their application, it shows the “bell” image and that there are “nn” alerts waiting for you. Pretty much exactly what SC8 is showing right now with their m [ATTACH=CONFIG]n63494[/ATTACH] essage about Black Friday. I have attached a screen shot


Great question. I look for something similar. Another words if the records get added to the table (which is not displayed at the moment) I would like to see a notification icon. The I would like a user to be able to click an icon and go to designated table/grid


It is all about CSS, i tried to do this before and put it on the menu bar but i failed, i managed to do something with blank form and external css file. you can see attached photo.

@aka The user will be able to click an icon and go to designated table/grid



Walid, looks like a great app. Did you write it all in SC?

That looks great! How did you dod it?

amazing walid, might want to share how you manage to do this in SC