Advanced deployment helping support

Hi all,

I got a project that uses documents file name fields to store different kind of documents.
On local I work with default folder that SC uses to store documents.
So in my form for every document field on Application setting the setting is
C:/Program Files (x86)/Scriptcase/v81/wwwroot/scriptcase/file/doc
then on each field I add a subfolder like /subfolder01 …/subfolder02 etc.

On production server I would like to separate documents’s folder from production directory

I never used advanced deployment and it would be nice if someone expert on this suggest me how to set it properly:
This is the situation

Common Libraries Folder

Images Folder

Temp Folder

Documents Folder
C:/Program Files (x86)/Scriptcase/v81/wwwroot/scriptcase/file/doc

what have I to write on Document folder ??
the absolute path on server within the my_project_docs folder has to be something like


What is the right sintax I have to use ?? Sorry but I’m not a pro…dev. and I don’t
wnat to make a mess…;-))

Need I to create all subfolders manually and put all docs yet registered there ?

Just create a folder ‘docs’ on your production server (preferable within your www range) and use the full path in your config. It needs to be set while you are deploying in advanced mode.

Ok Thanks , I did some test and now I found the right sintax.

The issue now is that I got some tables that have big blob record/fields that I want to transfer as Document file to system files .
Everything works fine but some of them are too big and mysql goes in error blocking everytime the moving .
Having the db locate on hosting serve I don’t know how to perform the all process.

You mean that you have stored some files into the database itself? The blobsizes are maintained in the mysql.ini files. Perhaps you need to set the sizing bigger.