Ajax Event doesn't work in nested grid

Hi there,

is it a bug or whatelse?
In Version 7 it’s new to put ajax events on grid fields.
If the grid wil start as an stand alone application the ajax event is working correctly.
If the grid runs as a nested grid, the ajax event doesn’t work not a bit.

Anyone a idea what to do or is it a bug?

Helmut Kuesters


Issue reported to our bugs team.

Bernhard Bernsmann

Hi Bartho

I am using the version 8 and still this issue persist (Ajax event not working on nested grid fields). Please help us to know when this issue will resolve.

Year 2019, 7 years passed - still same issue. Ajax event won’t fire on nested grid.

I think this bug will stay forever. Scriptcase 9.4.031 same

I have this problem too. Grid field ajax event with a javascript code doesn’t work

Same problem here, scriptcase version 9.4.032.
I submitted a ticket through my bronze support account today.
Hope they’ll solve soon, I haven’t found any workaround