Ajax events are not being triggered

Does anyone know why the AJAX events are not being triggered?

I’m using sc_apl_conf(‘form’, ‘start’, ‘new’); to start the app with no search and the AJAX events I’ve created doesn’t work. Any fix for this?


sc_apl_conf does not work on ajax event. Please see the macro scope: http://downloads.scriptcase.com.br/downloads/v7/manual/en_us/webhelp/manual_mp/28-Macros/00-macros_sc.htm#sc_apl_conf

Also notice that: This macro must be used by one application to modify the properties of another application.

Bernhard Bernsmann

Thanks for the answer. Is there another way to start the application without the search? I need the form in blank. Like in “add” mode.



On the application that calls your form (for instance, your menu) you will set sc_apl_conf(‘form’, ‘start’, ‘new’);

See this example:

Ex. 8: Use the button on the toolbar menu.
if ({sc_menu_item} == “btn_1”)
sc_apl_conf(“form_customer”, “start”, “new”);

Bernhard Bernsmann

Thanks, bartho, but the problem with this is that when I use it I can’t use the ajax events given by ScriptCase.