Ajax not working on Mobile Form

A select list could not be populated with items. Items are populated with an ajax event fired on another select list.

Everything is ok on desktop version.
Samsung S3 / Android is not working with mobile version but working with web version (Chrome).
Any suggestion ? Is it specific to S3 / android / chrome ?


Hi! I’ve been researching this myself as on my Android phone my double select boxes turn into what looks like single select boxes, even though the process still works. Apparently from what I’ve been reading there are issues with some areas not functioning correctly when using chrome on android, but it works on everything else. Because it works fine everywhere else it seems to be a browser processing conflict. Maybe someday the phone browsers will start using a universal code we can all work with (ya right lol). Until a fix becomes available from mobile chrome for android we have to just work around it. I did see that if you put the site into “desktop mode” it should help. I tried it with no change but maybe give it a try with your ajax events.