Ajax onClick does not work

In grid application I put an html image field and I am calling sc_redir function from html image’s onClick event it did not work. Then I called sc_alert(“TEST”) to check the code it also did not work. When I run the application from Scriptcase it runs on new tab before it runs on new window, is this the reason for ajax onClick problem?

In order to test those kinda of things you are better of using the error_log(“some error”); and checking the error log… the log is found when you check phpinfo();

ajax onClick does not get fired, please help me is this a bug?

This is on the client side then. Since onclick actually always gets fired if you gave code in it. Unless your browser disallows it.
That is why I suggested that you do not use alert but use php logging (in this case). Since the alert can be blocked by a popup blocker it makes sense to use a logging mechanism.
I suggets you make a simplified version of your application and test if that works. If that also doesnt work then make a delpoyment of that simplified version, deploy it somewhere local
on your own local webserver and download xdbg to debug what is going on. xdbg is awesome for finding bugs (any other php debugger will also work but I tend to use xdbg).
Since I cant see your application I can only guess you made some error. This should become obvious with xdbg.

using last 8 version and testing it on local pc… if I have a html image icon field I’m not able to add a OnClick event becouse on list Html image fields are not listed and so not selectable.
On previous version it worked .
I’m a bit confused. Why now it’s not possible to use OnClick event over a Html field ???