Ajax refresh of a select field doesn't seem to do anything - any ideas please?

Hi all

Any ideas, please?

I have a control app that has a select drop down (listing clients). On choosing a client I am expecting an ajax refresh of the field below it (also a select field, called “Areas”) to be updated to show only the areas relevant to the client selected. The thing is, whilst the “processing” toast of the ajax refresh appears briefly, the query behind the Areas field appears has not have changed, i.e. the clientID bit should have changed from 0 to the selected client’s ID.

See here for a 60-second video of the app in action.

Here is a screen shot of the client field config.

And here’s one of the Areas field config.

I must be missing something really silly, but I just can’t see it. Any thoughts/comments gratefully received.



Check the: “Reload the form when the Value has changed” box… see if that helps.

I think you need set to field areas the name of area.
select Distinct
tbl_candidates.Area, tbl_candidates.Name

@nwdbs - Hi there - won’t doing that reload the form including resetting the client field?

@alvagar - not sure what you mean?

Solved - It would appear that I’d missed that the type was set to Text and should have been number (given the key is an integer). Once changed both fields to be number - all worked.

Thanks for those that looked for me :slight_smile: