Anything advanced


Are there any webinars which will educate us about some more advanced development ?
So far everything I noticed is just a basic stuff and should be directed towards new or potential customers. As a developer I would like to see techniques of doing more advanced things. Of course the list is long…


Do you consider embedding Paypal as novice? I’m doing one next friday.

oohh, I did know that. How did you find out about it ?

…and YES - I am interested in this,… finally something I like :wink:
can you put the details here please


[QUOTE=aka;23384]oohh, I did know that. How did you find out about it ?

…and YES - I am interested in this,… finally something I like :wink:
can you put the details here please


It’s on the webinar section of Scriptcase, you can apply there. It’s gonna have two parts, a boaring part - what do you need, what is the theory behind electronic payments - and a practical part, how to setup in SC, manage errors, when are you sure payment has been processed. Also I’m using the standard SC webshop to create a payment. I’m going to do the webinar, posted it here on the forum before.

It’s not a novice presentation as I consider creating forms and grids as being known. But Paypal implementation is very simple but sometime you need to see something before you have the guts of trying :wink:

OK, I checked the list and I see few other interesting topics. This is god sign, and at least one good direction they are going to. I will definitely join it. THANKS

like I said in my other post,… if THEY listen more to the users and prioritaze their goals according to what users want (not what they want) then it would put SC on a completely different path and create much bigger customer base. I bet for the last few years several people just have left SC because of company indolence of managing the product and existing customers.

Let’s hope something is changing for better ) although my recent experience with Tech Support guys was just a plain horror.


We all know about tech support, and buying it is not the amount of tickets any more but just the number of months for support. They changed the agreement. I don’t think that many people will buy this but that’s not my problem. But that doesn’t mean that SC is not changing or willing to change in the good direction. It simply takes time and patience and a lot of repetition of arguments. The webinar will be the first I do for them, if it goes well more will folow. As other resellers / advanced users will be requested to do the same. I sometimes get the feeling that I’m the only one who’s trying to get more users to sc.

Give me time, I’m just too too too busy right now :wink: reinforcements are coming :slight_smile:

That makes me happy Giuseppe. We need a large and strong community.

Hello Arthur,

I will verify if there will be more advanced webinars, such as the pay pal webinar with our team.

Bernhard Bernsmann