ApacheScriptcase8 service fails to start Win8 64Bit

I have installed Scriptcase v8 using the windows install.
When I try to start the Apache services it fails and give the following error in the logs.

The ApacheScriptcase8 service terminated with the following service-specific error:
Incorrect function

Any idea what could be the cause. I noticed the ApacheScriptcase8 is win32, could this
cause the above error? if so where do I get the win64 version.


I have installed the standard scriptcase Windows install on a w2012 X64 server without any issues, same for a Windows 8.1 64 bits. So actually I don’t know what’s wrong. I would try to uninstall and redo to see if the problem persists.

hi, i have the same working on windows 8 64bit and tried with 8.1 64 bit also no issue

I would suspect the ports, check your ports and see if there is conflict, apache usually uses 2 ports (80 and 443) but for sc they customized this, hence 90% you wont have problem, but perhaps used ports are occupied!

Try as Albert said, and i think you can choose the port during the installation, use different one than previously used, e.g. i use 100 for sc7 and 108 for sc8

Also check if you have some antivirus of firewall blocking the port or the service!? is the service running if you go to services.msc?

Thank you MikeDE and Albert.
Yes the antivirus firewall was blocking the port (i.e. 88)
Once that was solved a new error was couldnt find …php-cgi.exe
It turns out it didnt like the directory C:\Programs File(x86)…

Thanks once again.

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