APIs : How to create Scriptcase Client application with APIs Libraries

Hello everybody,
I want to generate applications not from a connection to a database, but from REST APIs.
More and more softwares provide functions through API libraries, and it would be cool to imagine being able to build ScriptCase applications from these APIsed functions.
If someone has an idea for already being able to populate a grid from a customer API for example, I am interested …
Thank you all for reading
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Rest apis can be accessed pretty easy using curl or fopen. There is not automatic way to retrieve metadata like in a database. So you have to write the function prototypes yourself. Scriptcase strong point is the ease of creating forms based upon tables, not api functions. It depends on your need, but one option can be filling a temporary table with the data retrieved from the api, to allow you to use the form generating capabilities.

Thank you very much for this reply.
It was also the observation that I had made. I really like scriptcase in the case of database management, it should now evolve to allow connections to be made natively via APIs which is becoming essential in our business.
The best of wishes for the future.
Your idea of going through a table is interesting but will greatly affect response times
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