App Source Generation Bug after 9.4 update


After 9.4 update, apps remain outdated even after generating the entire project or an entire folder or subfolder. Apps have to be generated individually to update them. Moreover, some grid apps fail to generate source due to SQL issues though they were working properly before the update.

Bug still exists even after minor update yesterday. Source generation only works by selecting all o some apps in a folder then pressing the generate button at the bottom of the only development environment screen. all other ways to generate source fails and im logged out of the development environment after every source generation. all these started to happen only after 9.4 update…

Any feedback from SC team? im always being logged out of the development after attempting to generate source of my apps…

I also have a lot of things that stop working after 9.4 upgrade, some of them very simple buttons. Does anyone know about scriptcase team ?

Just an update. SC team is also trying to solve the bugs I believe. We have been exchanging emails since the release of 9.4 update.

I have errors like source code generation fail where the app remains outdated and then logs me out of the development environment. I solved it like this:
1 back up
2 download and fresh install SC
3 set “Use session in database” to NO in options>settings
4 restore from back up
5 continue as is

I think some bugs exist when Use session in database is set to YES.