Application not working in PHP 7.3 but works in PHP 5.6

I have all the applications working in PHP 7.3 except for 1 application which throws out this error and gives a white screen on the production server. Works fine in development on my local desktop.

Now if I change back to PHP 5.6 , the app works fine. Anyone encountered this kind of error or know of this new kink in PHP 7.3 and how to determine this memory overload?

Appreciate your time on this.
[08-Oct-2021 14:01:12 America/New_York] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12288 bytes) in /home/…/_lib/lib/php/nm_trata_img.php on line 250

Looks like this could be a Scriptcase bug. I have a form which allows to upload images for the clients websites. There are 3 fields(Image File type) on the form… My clients have uploaded images above 400kb. Now after 7.3, the form blows up with the above error. If I remove the images, the form comes up fine.
The same form with the images used to be fine in PHP 5.6. I also increased the memory limit in PHP, but it does not resolve the problem.
Netmake…can you look at this issue and correct it in the next release.


Try to modify the memory limit in the php.ini

I did increase the memory limit. It does not resolve the problem.

Hi Ken, I had a similar message when my disk partition went out of space. Have you already checked that?

Hi Richie,
It is not a space or parttion issue.
The form uploads large images like flyers over 200kb. These uploads are fine.
But when the form record comes up in edit mode in PHP 7.3 it breaks with the error. It is fine in PHP 5.6.
If I crop the image size below 100k in PHP 7.3, it works fine in edit mode.
So something quirky going on with PHP 7.3 or scriptcase functionality in handling mages that it cannot handle beyond a certain size in the edit mode.