Application notes and comments

I find myself making notes and comments of the application outside of Scriptcase. I have the need to make comments inside the application to keep track of how the app works, or special changes that where made, or what the customer requested. The same applies to the Project at the project level

I was thinking of using the Programming tab in each app and create a New PHP Method that is never called to make notes in.

Does anybody have any other suggestions!

Use the To Do List
Sometimes I also make a blank application and just use it for Notes.

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The To Do List just just not do it for me, but the blank application is a good idea. TA minor problem is that it will synced when using the security application.

I put all comments directly in the OnApplicationInit function. Every of my developers know this. Of course, if necessary I put it too in the php code.
There I have a litte Overview with increasing numbers… what the code is doing. For example
010 check for duplicate entry
040 put new record into appending table
070 write into log file


//070 write into log file
write_log (“entry”);

for me this solution works good.

What is happening at 020 and 030 ?

I’m having scotch then.

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