Applications are very slow


I am using v7.1 and developing applications

Unfortunately all applications are slow comparing to other applications made by standart tools without scriptcase.
For example, I have a grid applications which shows member of my website, It is running very slow, when I jump another page from navigation buttons Its usully takes 8-10seconds to shows me grid. (It has 30 rows in a page).

On the other hand I created 2 calculated fileds which show the number of properties of that member, (It is simple SQL query that counts # of properties) Now it is event slower, :frowning:
I deleted all calculated fileds but no chance, what do you advise?

Scriptcase its slow but i would like to know if there are users that can improve the speed to sc apps.

the code has too much oberlay for all types of databases and languages.
I think SC should complie the code and use switches within the compiler.
Why do I have all the code for orace … Postgre …and so on if I only use Mysql ??
Every simple grid has a code of several thousand lines… too much … I agree

You have no chance to change this because SC will generate the code by its own.

Uwe Pfeiffer

Can we disable / remove some of the unnecessary modules from the applications?
How can we increase performance? If we cant, it is useless. Who want a application which has 1minutes of load time? Who will use it?
I have simple mySQL DB which has 1000 members and I am making application onto this DB, it is very small, that means If I had a table which has 100.000 records scriptcase will kill the user. :frowning:
We need help from the SC developers, please help us otherwise I will give up using it,

Same here, after a while using SC it is becoming very slow, customers are not happy neither us, we may migrate to something else in the coming months